Women without a Pause

No one has ever clearly explained to women what happens to their body throughout their life. The prevention of certain conditions and changes which affect us, remains limited.

Women no Pause is a documentary which shows women above the age of 45 from all over the world. In Japan, the country with the longest life-expectancy, through to France, Spain, the Equator and all the way to Tanzania, we will meet mothers, wives, working women, housewives, professionals, grandmothers and gynaecologists, who above all want to be seen as WOMEN.

In our western societies, life expectancy has increased by 25 years on average. Thus, menopause is becoming a reality for a larger number of women and is revealing a major transformation in our society. We have, of course these additional years to enjoy, however we will have to take greater care of ourselves.

While we notice a great lack of information in the western world, we may wonder how women in other societies live through their second adolescence.

There has never been a documentary made comparing this period of menopause in different cultures. And, for the fist time, here is a documentary showing the different ways a woman feels in this moment of her life. But women do not live alone: husbands, children, brothers and friends also appear in this documentary talking about women and, in many cases confirming that they live this period in silence.

The ÔÇťpost-menopausal womanÔÇŁ in our society is often synonymous with emotional weakness, depression, anxiety and irritation. Fat, ugly and sickÔÇŽit is therefore not surprising that a woman who reaches this important stage of her vital cycle, refuses to acknowledge this inescapable change. And here lies the problem.

It is for this reason that this documentary is not only aimed at women, but also men and society in general. One must begin to perceive a woman between the ages of 45 and 55 as someone with a future to be enjoyed.