Palacios Films opens in 2006 in Paris under the initiative of Paula Palacios, with the pourpose of producing documentaries about universal topics. Our team is composed of specialists of video, photography, music and journalism. We have produced documentaries in France, Qatar, Japan, Ecuador, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ukraine and many other places and we have worked with other productions companies in many other countries. We feel comfortable and proud of being able to deal with difficult topics and even sometimes subjects which are tabou and being able to show them in a way that will interest a large number of people. We will soon start producing fiction. In a Globalized World, individual stories become of universal interest and to show them we believe that one has to approach them with curiosity and respect.

paula-palaciosPaula Palacios

Paula Palacios was born in Madrid in 1983. At the age of 5 she discovered her passion for art and begans studying flamenco dance. Later in her life she attended the National School of Drama ┬ź Cristina Rota ┬╗ in Madrid. In 2001, she enroles in Audiovisual Comunication at Complutense University in Madrid and in 2004 she moves to Paris, where she finished her studies at the Cinema Department in the French University of Paris 8. There, Ms. Palacios co-directed her first short movie Papouasie Dream, as well as actively participated in the cultural life of the city.
In April 2006 she opened her own production company in Paris .
In 2010 she produces and directs her first documentary: Women without a Pause, being unique in its genre with its sociological insight, the documentary has gained popularity and has won several awards at international festivals..
In 2012 Palacios Films in co-production with Al-jazeera Documentary Channel released a Trilogy about the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania, The Last Hunter, produced and directed by Paula, at the same time that she directed her first feature length documentary about the difficult situation of women refugees in Eastern Europe: New Walls . She cooperated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Spanish Women and Health Foundation and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine and had the opportunity to work with Ms. Barbara Hendricks for the voice over and Ms. Iva Bittova for the original music. In 2013, Paula directed a documentary about Ethiopia and has finished the productiona nd direction of another feature length documentary: AliÔÇÖens (Somalis in transit)
In addition, Ms. Palacios has participated in other documentaries as camerawoman, as jury member at International Film Festivals and has organized documentary trainings at international level.